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   Delesher Company was founded 2006 as a Joint German-Ukrainian Project. Early production of the company was production of high quality wooden stairs made of hardwood (oak, beech, hornbeam, ash tree) by individual order. Subsequently assortment was supplemented by a line of customized interior doors, wooden houses and individually designed timber roof truss.

Currently, the main activities of the company are:

  • Design, manufacturing and installation of wooden loft floating stairs, stringer stairs and saddle stairs;
  • Custom manufacturing of highly aesthetic interior doors taking into account customer individual desire;
  • Production of wooden summer cottages of profiled timber;
  • Design and manufacturing of timber roof truss systems of laminated veneer lumber.

   We solved the main problem of the most modern stairs – unpredictable conduct of wooden staircases mounted on a metal or concrete frame. The consequence of this phenomenon leads to cracks appearance, unpleasant squeaks occurrence and changing geometry of the wooden stairs. Our constructions are deprived of such shortcomings by using advanced European technologies and high quality carefully selected hardwood materials.

   Timber goes through special processing at our factory dryer which equipped with the latest European achievements. The fully automated drying process is operated by computer system that selects and provides optimal temperature and humidity in the dryer. This allows timber to avoid development of drying wood stresses throughout the lifetime. Further stabilization of wood is achieved by applying multi-layer coating wood stains and protectants of German manufacturer CLOU who is a reliable partner of our company for many years. To ensure our products long-life trouble-free we exclusively use accessories of Würth German Company.

   Our specialists kindly provide you with full detailed information and offer the best solution for your particular case.

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